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localization definition of localization by the free - localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale specific components and translating text, what is localization multilizer translation blog - localization is real and widely used word but its meaning is not too easy to understand with common sense it can be deduced that localization includes a refer to, localization define localization at dictionary com - localization definition to make local fix in or assign or restrict to a particular place locality etc see more, what is localization definition from whatis com - localization is the adaptation of a product or service to meet the needs of a particular language culture or desired population s look and feel, localization definition of localization by medical - localization lo kah l za shun 1 restriction to a circumscribed or limited area 2 the determination of a site or place of any process or lesion cerebral, globalization and localization in asp net core microsoft - learn how asp net core provides services and middleware for localizing content into different languages and cultures, asp net globalization and localization - globalization is the process of designing and developing applications that function for multiple cultures localization is the process of customizing your application, language localization services languageline solutions - learn about our best in class localization services we solve language localization problems with our attention to detail and responsive service, what is localization language industry definitions gala - localization also referred to as l10n is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market read more, localize definition of localize by merriam webster - define localize to make local orient locally to assign to or keep within a definite locality localize in a sentence, gala global globalization localization association - non profit international industry association for companies that provide localization language and technology services includes industry resources and free newsletter, github aspnet localization localization abstractions - localization abstractions and implementations for asp net core applications, translation and localization moravia - we have a suite of translation and localization services designed for the digital age everything we do is customized to bring your products and content to new, localization department of neurology - pathophysiology in neurology a patient s dysfunction is not only the expression of where the disease occurs i e a consideration of which cross section of, globalization vs localization stack overflow - possible duplicates terminology used for language and culture aware software what is system globalization and what s the difference between it and localization, what is localization definition and meaning - the localization of the entire industry was surprising to see as the demand was indicated to be widespread instead of narrow, asp net boilerplate localization - introduction any application has at least one language for user interface many applications have more than one asp net boilerplate provides a flexible localization, deluxe entertainment worldwide localization delivery - deluxe provides a worldwide localization service in over 50 languages for theatrical home entertainment broadcast television and ott so consumers around the world, localization features craft cms - craft cms provides all of the features you need to build flexible websites including matrix live preview localization and simple one click updating, software localization language scientific - how is localization different from translation localization of software is adapting software for use in various languages and locales localization involves more, net localization using resource file codeproject - this article explains and demonstrates various ways to implement localization in your net application author prakash kumar singh updated 16 nov 2003 section, localization essential for competing in the global - localization essential for competing in the global marketplace by julie layden international trade agreements such as nafta north american free trade agreement, what is localization definition of localization - psychology definition of localization the use of a stimulus in cells process or other item which is made at the source and then utilized locally either at the, localization what it really means for your business - what does localization really mean and why is it important for your business when you are scaling your efforts globally get the details in this blog post, localization adobe globalization blog - automation is a great way to overcome the above challenges and effectively achieve optimized test coverage on localization builds with automation it would be, localization translation graph api documentation - app center and localization if your app is a game you can make your app appear in the facebook app center for localizing your facebook app center page please read, app localization app translation services smartling - app localization can help you boost app store rankings and increase downloads by 128 get tips for quickly and easily localizing your ios or android app, ma translation and localization management middlebury - localization is the process whereby software websites multimedia presentations documents or any objects are not only translated but also adapted to another culture, localization services translation services day - localization services to enhance your brand message on a global scale day translations can localize any website mobile app video game and software 24 7, localization medical definition merriam webster medical - medical definition of localization restriction as of a lesion to a limited area of the body, defining a localization strategy how logos fit into your - when you go global look at your logos and see if they need to be included in your overall localization strategy, welcome to women in localization - women in localization was founded in 2008 and is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry its mission is to foster a global, game localization summit at gdc conference - using the localization of the indie game expeditions conquistador as a case study this presentation will provide key information that indie game developers want to, data localization definition of data localization by the - lo cal ize l k l z v lo cal ized lo cal iz ing lo cal iz es v tr 1 to make local decentralize and localize political authority 2 to, posts articles legends of localization - let s explore how classic video games have been localized and how they ve been changed