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marcel duchamp 1887 1968 before marcel duchamp a work of art was an artefact a physical object after duchamp it was an idea a concept duchamp did to art what, marcel duchamp 81 drawings paintings installations and - marcel duchamp with pipe photo by john d schiff geographical notes close places are defined in terms of modern geography, duchamp as a chess player the new york times - after becoming an established and successful artist marcel duchamp one of the father s of dadaism turned his focus to playing chess a game that, marcel duchamp simple english wikipedia the free - marcel duchamp 28 july 1887 2 october 1968 was a french artist whose work is most often associated with the dadaist and surrealist movements, examining the plumbing of marcel duchamp s fountain 1917 - initially dismissed as immoral the artist s bold work challenged notions of what art could be shifting it from new physical creations to moulding, marcel duchamp online artcyclopedia - marcel duchamp french born american dadaist surrealist conceptual artist 1887 1968 guide to pictures of works by marcel duchamp in art museum sites and image, marcel duchamp fountain 1917 1964 sfmoma - 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marcel duchamp born in blainville france became a painter and sculptor who was part of the early 20th century dada movement that blurred the boundaries between, the artistic value of marcel duchamp s fountain quora - i won t belabor my answer this has been answered so many times before on quora but the urinal was the genesis of the whole movement of post modernism duchamp took